Melissa Slezickey Starts Work As Gilmour Principal

After 25 years as a classroom teacher, Melissa Slezickey is looking forward to taking the next step and assuming the helm of Gilmour Elementary School as its new principal. "It’s going to bring challenges, which I love, and I know the rewards will be great,” she said.

Although she knows about Gilmour Elementary School through its reputation and had a chance to discuss the school and its goals in depth in her employment interview with Supt. Jason Sternberger, Slezickey literally accepted the job sight unseen. "I guess the first thing I’ll do today is get my first look at the school building,” Slezickey told the Times and Free Press July 2, her first day on the job. 

Slezickey, her husband Dave, Kingfisher’s new city manager, and their children Cash, 7, and Mattie, 3, are in the process of moving here from Anadarko. Originally less enthusiastic about the move than her husband (she’ll leave her parents, sister and plenty of extended family members behind), Slezickey said the unexpected employment opportunity has made her eager to get settled here. "I’m anxious to get together with the teachers and find out their goals, what they think is working and what isn’t,” she said. "I know the teachers here are top-notch and I’m not going to try to fix something that isn’t broken.” 

A national board certified teacher and former Anadarko teacher of the year, Slezickey has spent 23 years of her quarter-century career teaching first grade and said her heart has always been in early childhood education.

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